At Barefoot we able to offer a biomechanical analysis of your running gait in order to identify the cause of injury or indeed future potential problems. Using the most current research we aim to advise on more efficient running techniques to help you reach your goal... faster!!

Our approach is simple. We use Go-Pro technology to video your running pattern in high resolution then play this back in slow motion for analysis in order to identify areas of weakness.

Patients that benefit include those with:

  1. Those wanting to improve performance
  2. Injuries aggravated by running
  3. Shin pain
  4. Foot pain including achilles problems or plantar fasciitis
  5. Hip pain
  6. Knee Pain
  7. Thigh / hamstring pain
  8. Low back pain
  9. A waddling gait / walking pattern
  10. Walking difficulties (i.e. Children who toe-walk)

All of this data is then compiled into an individual report. Combined with our assessment or your movement pattern and pain we can then provide recommendations and management to restore pain free function.

The first appointment involves a full body MOT followed by a video analysis and advice. There is an option to have a follow up to assess progress.